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So Now I’m the Guy Who Talks About CrossFit

By John Kinnear | In BLOG, Diary of a CrossFit Novice | on March 22, 2013

I caught myself slipping yesterday. I met up with a few buddies to watch some of the NCAA Basketball tournament. I was only there for an hour, but 45 minutes into our conversation it dawned on me that we had been talking about nothing but CrossFit for the last 45 minutes. Blast. I’ve become one of those people who talks about CrossFit.

But you know what, I don’t really care. Here’s why. The guys I was hanging out with, I’ve known them since the beginning of college. Often times we go places and people ask us if we are brothers. We do have some similarities, but we don’t look like brothers… aside from one fact. We all started drinking a lot of beer around the same time, and continued that for about a decade. Eventually we all swelled to the same size.

Now we’re grown up, married and some of us have kids. We’re starting to realize that we’d like to live past 55 and hopefully not end up looking like the humans in WALL-E. So instead of meeting up at the bar four nights a week, now we’re meeting up in the gym at 6 A.M.  Instead of cheering whoever can bong a beer the fastest, now we’re cheering a 300 lb dead lift.  Instead of throwing up, now we’re… ok we still throw up. It’s just for a better reason.


So now we talk about CrossFit, just like we talk about football, or movies, or TV shows. I used to get annoyed by people who talked about nothing but CrossFit. And then I would talk about my kids for a few hours. I give people crap about posting pictures of their #paleo food. And then I post a million pictures of my kid. The fact is, we talk about the things we love. You can count CrossFit among those things for me now. But I’m still not calling it a box.

Things I was awesome at this week:

- Max Weight (Strict Press – 125 lbs, Back Squat – 245 lbs, Dead Lift – 300 lbs)
- I finished all of my WODs without rolling around on the floor crying
- I jumped onto a box. A lot.

Things I was not awesome at this week: 

- Rope Climb –Ha! More like rope pull. I had gym class flashbacks. At least this time I didn’t have puberty to worry about.
- Jump Rope – I am so bad at jumping rope that I don’t even get tired trying to do it. I just whip my shins over and over again.

Goals for next week:

- I will do one pull up. Just one pull up. Dear lord let me do one pull up.
- Get over the jump rope 20 times without stopping and yelling “DAMMIT!”

OH! And as a bonus I have a paleo recipe for you again.

This week’s recipe is simple, easy and delicious.


- 1  ripe avocado


- Eat the avocado


Here’s a picture of what it should look like.

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About John Kinnear

When not rolling around on the floor complaining, John Kinnear is a somewhat popular daddy blogger. You can find more of his writing at his parenting blogGoogle+FacebookThe Huffington Post, and taped to his mom’s refrigerator.


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